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The Creativity Club is a maker space that provides tools, resources and expertise for informal learning through hands on guided or self-initiated activities. It is intended to support students, teachers, parents and the wider community in exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) through creativity or more importantly, STEAM, i.e. the integration of art. Furthermore, it is intended to facilitate the implementation of the new digital technology curriculum which is to be delivered in 2017.

Technology is to be regarded in the broadest sense; from paper and fabrics to coding and micro-controllers. What binds all of these technologies is their creative potential. Creative uses of technologies has been an interest and part of my creative practice for many years, and has been shown in recent NSF Funded Research that “the results confirm what so many education experts believed: STEAM or in this case, Art Based Learning of STEM works and works beyond expectation.”


I have run custom STEAM (e.g. Arduino, Scratch, etc) courses for Victoria University, Victoria Polytechnic, La Trobe University and Footscray Community Arts Centre and have provided Professional Learning and consultancy to primary and high school teachers. I have also been interviewed on many occasions for the EU Makey Research Project, https://makeyproject.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/making-in-melbourne/

In 2015, I undertook international research and produced this report: Digital Technologies, Education and Creativity: Greg Giannis Fellowship Report

Currently teaching in the School of Education at La Trobe University.

Please contact if you are interested in having me as a tutor or for short-term consultancy, giannis.greg@gmail.com.

I enjoy travel, so competitive rates are on offer for my time if the course is somewhere sunny or interesting!

dr greg giannis – https://au.linkedin.com/in/greg-giannis-87561810



2 thoughts on “About makerspaces”

  1. Hello,

    I am a producer on The Feed on SBS TV and I’m doing a stoty on the Maker Movement in Australia – could you please get in touch with me about this? My number is xxxxxxxx
    Thanks so much,
    Rani Chaleyer

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thank you very much for your message – it was passed on to me! I’d be delighted to visit your makerspace in Collingwood. I don’t have your email address, but you can contact me at flscott1@sheffield.ac.uk

    I will be in Melbourne throughout September and October!

    With best wishes,



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