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(Un)Common Materials

Using common, underutilized, and discarded materials, these artists seek to reimagine or reinform a public relationship to the material.


6 Artists on The Poetry of Discarded Materials | Louisiana Channel

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Phyllida Barlow:

Elliott Hundley:

Morten Søkilde:

Nick Cave:

Piet Hein Eek:

Tara Donovan:

TRASH TO TREASURE. Best Recycled Art Made from Trash!

Assemblage Art

Brian Jungen

Dina Amin

Tim Hobbleman 

Plastic Waste Circus

South African Robots into-robots_a_23346599/

Simone Gertz’s Nonsensical Robots

Toy Take Apart at the Exploratorium


Gambiologia Home

Xu Bing’s Phoenix




Xu Bing’s aptly titled Phoenix made from the remnants of old construction sites in China.

Junk Culture

Junkculture embodies the belief that the waste products of our consumer culture can be transformed into art that incorporates the history of their human use.