CELS (Collingwood) Makerspace

Some of the great work from the students at Collingwood. This group has been engaging with the dismantling process more so, but some creations are on their way, as can be seen from the work below. The students are encouraged to take their time and develop work over a longer period than what is usually afforded in a classroom situation. This allows for tinkering, experimentation, the chance to be bored and a low-stress environment, all conducive to creativity.

CELS (Craigieburn) Makerspace

The work of the students at Craigieburn continues to be inspiring, creative and energetic. This week produced some interesting variations on previous work, a new direction and a safety issue that needs reiterating.

broken glass!!!!

We need to be very careful with many items in the junk makerspace. One of these is glass and this can be found in many consumer items such as mobile phones. Smashing glass does not help us to learn and creates a very dangerous and unsafe work space.