Dismantling & creativity

CELS (Collingwood) Term 1 2021

The students at Collingwood showed great interest in making things that functioned, repairing and refashioning existing objects. Some were very ambitious but were unfortunately disrupted by repeated COVID lock downs. The following article was very interesting to read in light of the achievements of this group.

The article is a case study of research undertaken with young students but many of the issues and ideas discussed can be applied to older cohorts. It uses a Positive Technological Development (PTD) framework and addresses what it refers to as the six C’s.

“These include three intrapersonal skills of content creation, creativity, and choices of conduct, and three interpersonal skills of communication, collaboration, and community building”.

“Design elements of PTD-aligned tools and spaces include leveraging children’s intuitive understanding and developing knowledge about the world, creating child-directed experiences, allowing children to learn about technology as they use it, and ensuring that the environment and context of the holistic education experience align with the goals of introducing the technology.

Promoting Positive Technological Development in a Kindergarten Makerspace: A Qualitative Case Study accessed 2 Aug 2021