CC Creativity Club Day #4

On Monday 1 August, the fourth maker space session was held in room 335 at Collingwood College.

The session was attended by a volunteer with a Phd in Physics, a student teacher completing his Master’s and primary school students. Many new students participated today.  A small group of 3, from grades 2, 4 & 5 immediately sat amongst the tools and toys and began dismantling with very little prompting. One student meticulously dismantled an RC helicopter and was overjoyed to discover tiny motors and gears. We tested the motors and found that most worked so these were added to the inventory of salvaged but useable parts.  


The youngest dismantled an old mobile phone and extracted the LCD display and keyboard and proceeded to create her own laptop. 


This is a great outcome as the student initiated the creation of this without any prompting from adults, and from parts the student herself had salvaged from other disposed electronics.

tensegrity revisited


After last weeks failed attempt at constructing a tensegrity robot, i utilised something more sturdy and readily available: twigs. Tensegrity utilises compression and tension to create stable and strong structures; bridges, towers, etc.


safety, care and respect for others in the space 

Everyone that attends the space needs to be aware of the need for safety. We are working with tools, soldering irons and materials that require care. Hammers are to be used as a last resort and with supervision. Safety glasses and hand-held battery operated tools are provided to improve safety.

glass, hammers, throwing objects, chemicals and hand washing

fans extracted from computers

bristle bot

video here:

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