CELS (Craigieburn) Makerspace

This year I am very excited to have the affiliated CELS schools running makerspaces as modelled at the Collingwood branch last year. The students have started the journey with introductions to safety, electricity and hygiene. Their initial challenges are to simply learn how to use tools appropriately and safely, in the process of dismantling objects. Some have already started thinking about making from the materials collected from the dismantling process.

Other students discovered that they could operate the salvaged motors with a few alligator leads and AA batteries.

25/02/2020 Students created more than they dismantled this week!!!

4 thoughts on “CELS (Craigieburn) Makerspace”

  1. Great work students! I wonder what these creatures could say if they could talk… Does the work at the top with the red light have a switch? and if so, how did you make this work?

    • hi kylie,
      I wonder how the students would respond if asked this question? The work at the top had no switch so by the time we returned (a week later) the light was not on as the battery had been depleted.

    • Hi Kristy, The little circuit boards are certainly full of intricacies. The components get smaller and smaller. The little person doesn’t walk, and it would be quite a challenge to make it do so.


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