CELS Term 2 2022

Observing the work of the students this term, I am reminded that pre-defined curricula and learning goals don’t capture moments of spontaneity and serendipity. As teachers, we can become anxious when students are perceived to be bored or unproductive and immediately try to fill that gap.

It is important to society that schools and we as teachers are clearly aware of how much space we leave children for original thinking, without rushing to restrict it with predetermined schemes that define what is correct according to a school culture. How much do we support children to have ideas different from those of other people and how do we accustom them to arguing and discussing their ideas with their classmates?” Vea Vecchi in Art and Creativity in Reggio Emilia.




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    • Hi Kristy,
      It certainly has. We’ve had very generous donations of old broken toys from Savers that would otherwise be destined for landfill. The materials play an important role in what the students come up with as its where they get some of their inspiration.


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